Why You Should Abandon Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year.

As we all know, this is the time where most people decide what their New Year’s resolution will be.

This usually consists of some form of “getting into shape”, which is why gyms across the nation get a huge rise in memberships at the start of the year, and then a steady decline as the year wanes.

This is not too surprising, because hey, we all know that most people fail at actually sticking to the goal that they set out for themselves at the beginning of the new year.

And this is exactly why New Year’s resolutions are stupid.

New Year’s resolutions are one of the dumbest concepts that have been adopted by our society.

While the intention of it is clearly good, the philosophy behind it is absolutely atrocious.

The main problem with New Year’s resolutions is that by having one, you are essentially not trying to achieve a goal for the sake of wanting to achieve it, but rather you are doing so for the sake of achieving your New Year’s resolution.

In other words, rather than being motivated to get in shape because you’re tired of being out of shape, you are instead motivated to get in shape because you made it your New Year’s resolution.

Am I the only one who sees the problem with this?

The fact is, it is very difficult to achieve a long-term goal.

Achieving a long-term goal takes persistence, dedication, and patience; 3 things that most people in this world do not have.

That’s why if you want to achieve a long-term goal, you better be motivated for the right goddamn reasons.

And I’m sorry to say this, but simply doing it to fulfill your New Year’s resolution is not one of them.

If there is something that you drastically want to change in your life, then why on Earth would you wait until January 1st to change it?

All that is doing is stalling.

It’s procrastinating.

You are not going to magically become a different person with greater levels of dedication just because of the date on a calendar.

I’ve said it a hundred times; all that matters in life is your WILL and DESIRE to go after what you want, and your refusal to stop until you get it.

Where the hell does a date on a calendar fit anywhere in that equation?



If you have a major (or even a minor) goal you want to conquer come the new year, do yourself a favour and start BEFORE the new year.

Instead of waiting (which will do nothing but make you less likely to achieve your goal), start right fucking now.

Start now and DON’T STOP until you get there.


Have a kick-ass 2016.