Addressing the Argument Against High-Volume Training

Many advocates of low-volume training state time inefficiency as a point against high-volume training.

A good way to view this is through a term we may call the ‘cost-to-benefit ratio’ of training. [Read more…]

How Much Volume is Needed to Maximize Strength Gains?

A new meta-analysis by Ralston and colleagues has come out investigating the effects of training volume and strength gains (1).

While I have discussed in other articles the impact of volume on muscle growth, I figured I would provide a brief rundown of this meta-analysis as it pertains to strength, while providing some of my thoughts on the findings. [Read more…]

Do Not Be Afraid to Do More

I can never understand why so many lifters are afraid of doing more.

They’re afraid that doing more sets will waste away their muscle rather than build it.

They’re afraid that training more often will result in their bodies becoming severely overtrained. [Read more…]

Is Higher Volume Better for Muscle Growth?

In this post I will answer one of the most highly debated questions that has reigned throughout bodybuilding history; a topic that still remains misunderstood to this day.

This is the topic of high volume training vs. low volume/heavy intensity training for producing superior muscle gain.

But before I continue, let me summarize both sides of this debate.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to training for muscle gain. [Read more…]