3 x 3 versus 3 x 10: A Study

Since I took my hiatus from posting articles to finish The Science of Weight Training, I have been meaning to do a write-up on a study by Schoenfeld and colleagues (1), which compared the effects of a 3 x 3 training protocol to a 3 x 10 protocol. [Read more…]

Can You Build Muscle with Super High Reps?

A while back I wrote a post demonstrating how while the general consensus has always been that a 8 – 12 rep range is “best” if you’re trying to build muscle, the reality is that there is NO best rep range for muscle growth.

This is because a superbly conducted study by BJ Schoenfeld demonstrates that when you equate for total volume (being total amount of WEIGHT moved), the muscular growth will be the same, regardless of whether you lifted for sets of 3 reps, or sets of 10 reps. [Read more…]

The Best Rep Range for Muscle Growth

One of the most common and highly debated questions asked when it comes to strength training, is which rep range is best for muscle growth?

In a recent post, I discussed how high volume training is your best bet when it comes to quickly packing on slabs of muscle mass.

Therefore, one should assume that the best rep range for muscle growth would obviously be one that is high; probably in the 8 – 12 range (which is usually the common response). [Read more…]