Top 10 Benefits of Doing Hill Sprints

Arguably the most effective workout there is for rapidly improving your conditioning and body composition is none other than hill sprints.

Hill sprints are just what they sound like; you find a steep hill, and you sprint up it as fast as you can for as many times as you can.

Fairly simple.

While this may be a simple exercise, it is arguably one of the most grueling exercises that you can ever do, and that is why they are so effective.

So what’s so great about hill sprints?

Let’s see:


  1. They build your legs: We know that doing sprints is great for sculpting powerful, and strong hamstrings. Well sprinting up a hill will do it better.


  1. They make you faster: If you want to get better at something, you need to practice it. If you want to be able to run faster, practice running fast. If you want to be able to easily run fast on a flat surface, practice running fast uphill.


  1. They build stamina like no other: H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) has seemed to take over as the smart way to quickly build endurance and rapidly shed fat. Well, that’s exactly what sprinting up hill qualifies as. Short bursts of intense activity followed by a rest period as you walk back down. Repeat this over and over and your stamina will skyrocket compared to simply going for a jog.


  1. You shed a lot of body fat; quickly: Just as hill sprints are the ultimate exercise for building stamina, they are unbeatable for fat-loss. After the first few sprints up the hill you will feel your heart racing and your lungs gasping for air. Your legs will feel like they’re on fire and your body will be burning fat like a furnace.


  1. They boost your metabolism: We know that higher metabolism goes hand in hand with fat loss. It’s been shown again and again that HIIT is the best method for boosting metabolism throughout the entire day due to the intensity of the activity. This contrasts with jogging which does nothing to boost metabolism.


  1. They boost human growth hormone: HGH is a tissue building and fat mobilizing hormone that our body produces when a) we sleep, and b) after intense exercise. Being that hill sprints are the most intense exercise you can do, your circulating HGH levels will be through the roof.


  1. They are euphoric: We’ve all heard of the ‘runners high’ right? Well let me tell you that this high is not exclusive to jogging. After bouts of intense exercise, you will most likely find yourself being in a much better mood than usual, almost like a state of peaceful happiness. This is the result of chemicals in our brain called ‘endorphins’ being released which bring us into a state of well-being. Want to turn that frown upside down? Go run up a hill.


  1. They build mental toughness: Given that hill sprints are one of the toughest workouts you can do, conquering them instills a sense of mental toughness that few other exercises can.


  1. They get you outdoors: If you’re going to workout, why not get some sun and fresh air at the same time? Build your body while getting a tan, win-win.


  1. They are safe: One of the more unnoticed benefits that hill sprints provide is an alternative to simply sprinting on a flat surface. The issue with running on a flat surface at full speed is that you are very prone to getting injured. The beautiful aspect of hill sprinting is that the inclined surface prevents you from reaching top speed while running. This is important because most muscular injuries occur when you are running at a high speed. Therefore, doing hill sprints will nullify this risk for injury because you will not be able to run at a high speed (this is a good thing).


How To Add Resistance

The only issue with hill sprints is that you have to be somewhat creative in order to add resistance to them.

Of course you could simply just sprint up the hill more times than you did your previous hill workout, but sometimes you’ll require a little bit more, especially if you want to add more size onto your legs.

For this, I would recommend investing in a weight vest.

You can order weight vests online that have adjustable weights, which make them an extremely effective tool for adding resistance to not only your hill training, but to any conditioning exercise, especially those that utilize your bodyweight.



So there you have it, if you want to dramatically improve your conditioning, increase your speed, get powerful legs and a hard-as-nails mental toughness, implement hill sprinting into your training.

If you’re tough enough to stick with it, I guarantee you won’t regret it.