Do ‘Cheat Meals’ Exist?

I have recently been thinking about the topic of ‘cheat meals’.

Considering the majority of lifters speak of cheat meals in a manner of life and death, I cannot blame myself for pondering the veracity of this subject. [Read more…]

The Lost Art of Training Hard

It has become quite apparent to me why so many gym rats fail to make substantial progress.

These are the majority of lifters you see who never shut up about training, yet their physiques makes it questionable as to whether they train at all. [Read more…]

Can You Out-Train a Bad Diet?

One of the larger beliefs among fitness enthusiasts is that you can not out-train a bad diet.

While this notion is not as far-fetched as the ‘eat 6 meals a day to boost metabolism’ belief, it still rubs me the wrong way whenever I hear this. [Read more…]

Is Soreness a Good Indicator of Muscle Growth?

The other day, one of my colleagues and I were discussing some of the ins and outs of strength training.

She was explaining to me that she does not get sore anymore from training, and that this must be a sign that her workouts are not effective. [Read more…]

Getting Realistic About Meal Frequency

Lately I’ve been getting quite fed up at the news outlets and fitness gurus who still buy into the notion that meal frequency (or the frequency of protein ingestion) is paramount for muscle gain.

While I do not discount the possibility that meal frequency may make a difference for muscle growth, misinformed people have taken it too far. [Read more…]

Why You Should Purposely Miss Meals

I can never understand it when someone tells me how disgusted they are with themselves for missing a meal.

They act as if they’ve committed some bodybuilding sin that will banish them to a lifetime of catabolism.

I guess I can’t blame them, considering I too fell for the nonsense that everyone fed me about meal frequency (pun intended). [Read more…]

Does Sugar Make You Fat?

Whenever talk occurs about our obvious obesity epidemic, it is always the same nonsense that is blamed as the culprit.

The two usual suspects are carbs and sugar.

To this day, people will tell you to avoid carbs to lose weight, and they will emphatically tell you to avoid sugar like it’s the plague. [Read more…]

New Study on Intermittent Fasting and Weight Training

Some of you may recall a recent study by Tinsley et al, which compared intermittent fasting to a regular diet when combined with resistance training.

To my annoyance, a great majority of people took the results of this study to falsely assume that IF is shit for gaining muscle, considering the IF subjects gained far less muscle than the regular eating group. [Read more…]

A Simple Strategy for Weight Loss (Without Counting Calories)

Anyone who knows about how weight loss actually works will know that it is dependent on calorie input vs. calorie output (study, study).

In other words, you must be in a caloric deficit (burn more calories than you consume) to lose weight.

Unfortunately, most people are completely unaware of this simple concept. [Read more…]

The Most Cost-Effective Supplement for Low Testosterone

I have often talked about the importance of having high testosterone levels.

While most people think of increased sex-drive or aggression when thinking of this hormone, the reality is that high T levels can improve energy, ambition, and sense of well-being. [Read more…]