How to Build a V-Shaped Torso


1) Train your shoulders.

Having broad shoulders is essential to attaining a V-shaped physique. This is because the top of the ‘V’ essentially starts with the shoulders. The shoulders are the focal points of the V-shape. They’re the foundation. The side benefit of having broad shoulders is that even if you put on a few extra pounds in the waist, the size of your shoulders will still maintain a V-shaped look even if you’ve been slacking in keeping your waist slim.

Exercises: Military press, Arnold press, side-laterals, handstand push-ups.


2) Develop a wide pair of lats.

This step is arguably just as important as the first. When you see someone with a pronounced V-shape in their upper body, you can be assured that this person has some very big lats. This is because the lats are basically what make the V-shape. If you think of the top points of the V as the shoulders, then each line of the V would be a lat muscle. Even if you didn’t do a single shoulder exercise in your life but focused purely on building big lats, you would still achieve a very impressive V-shape.

Exercises: Pull-ups, pull-ups, and more pull-ups.


3) Lose body fat!

While this step is not as important as the first two, it can definitely make or break a V-shaped physique. Why? Because you could have the biggest shoulders and lats in the world, but if you have an enormous waist to match, then there is no V. There’s basically just a muscular rectangle. You must keep your waist at least relatively slim to achieve the V-shaped body. The more you let yourself go and accumulate fat around your waist area, the worse your V-shape becomes.

How do you lose fat?: Burn more calories than you consume.


See you next time.