About Jon

Age: 25

Education: Honors BA Psychology (University of Ottawa)

(Current) Best lifts:

  • 470 lb deadlift @ 180 lbs bodyweight
  • 205 lb weighted chin-up @ 190 lbs bodyweight
  • 210 lb weighted dip @ 195 lbs bodyweight
  • 48 consecutive bodyweight pull-ups (not strict form)


My name is Jonathan E, and I created this website to provide evidence-based recommendations for strength and conditioning as well as nutrition.

My biggest annoyance in the fitness community is the prevailing ignorance that so many so-called ‘experts’ have when it comes to training and diet. They then take it upon themselves to teach others, while their information has no scientific validity.

That’s why the information in this website relies on hundreds of scientific studies, on top of my 15 years of training experience.

Given my passion for training and strength & conditioning research, I will continue to provide the most up to date strategies for maximizing muscle and strength gains, in hopes that it will help others reach their full potential.