The Most Cost-Effective Supplement for Low Testosterone

I have often talked about the importance of having high testosterone levels.

While most people think of increased sex-drive or aggression when thinking of this hormone, the reality is that high T levels can improve energy, ambition, and sense of well-being. [Read more…]

Natural Testosterone Levels and Body Composition

A brand new study has come out analyzing the association between natural testosterone levels and body composition of men.

Basically, what the researchers found was that men who were in the top 2 quartiles of testosterone had more muscle and less body fat than men who were in the bottom quartile. [Read more…]

The High Testosterone Diet

Given that most lifters (and men in general) are curious on how to boost their natural testosterone levels, I took it upon myself to compose a list of the best (and worst) dietary choices available for optimizing testosterone production. [Read more…]

Will Naturally Increasing Your Testosterone Make You Bigger?

One of the most interesting concepts I have come across in regard to hormone manipulation is the effect of testosterone on muscle mass.

We all know that individuals who supplement with super-natural levels of testosterone are able to put on pounds of mass quite rapidly, however less is known on whether increasing your T levels naturally would also produce a mass-gain effect. [Read more…]