Simplicity is King

A prevailing theme I’ve noticed among weight trainers is their inexplicable urge to complicate things.

This is undoubtedly shown in dieting, as incorporation of things like strict meal timing, obsessively watching carbs, and extremely high meal frequencies are all used in the hope of leading to massive muscle gains. [Read more…]

Take Back Control

So many people complain about circumstances.

They complain about what a rotten deal they’ve been dealt.

They whine and moan about not having enough money, about their love life, about their social circle. [Read more…]

The ‘Good Genetics’ Excuse

There’s been a recurring trend in the fitness world where lifters are diminishing the results attained by their fellow weight-room comrades.

In other words, they see someone getting really big really fast, and they equate it to them just having good genetics.

I call this the ‘good genetics’ excuse. [Read more…]

The Real Secret to Success

Everyone wants to know the secret to success.

They want the magical formula to get them everything they want in life.

Well, I’m going to tell you what it is.

I’m going to tell you what the BIG SECRET to success is in just one word.

Well what is it!? [Read more…]

“I Just Don’t Have Time to Workout”

Everyone these days says it.

They say that they “just don’t have the time” to get in shape. [Read more…]

Why You Should Abandon Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year.

As we all know, this is the time where most people decide what their New Year’s resolution will be. [Read more…]

The Value of Persistence


Persistence is the number one attribute a person needs to be successful. [Read more…]

Supplement Syndrome: Causes, Treatments, and Concerns


I have since come to notice a shockingly terrible disease that is permeating our fitness community.

It’s a disease that cripples fitness-newcomers from training hard and getting their body into shape.

It even goes so far as to make people believe nonsensical notions such as being able to buy yourself an amazing physique. [Read more…]

A Simple Formula For Guaranteed Success


Step 1: Go after what you want.

Step 2: Don’t stop until you fucking get it.






Why You Should Be a Skeptic

I’ve since come to notice that the term ‘skeptic’ is generally looked at in a negative view.

People think that if someone is skeptical then they are just being a negative-Nancy who doesn’t believe in anything good in the world.

Well, to the people who steadfastly believe that this is the case, (people who never have the foresight to question anything) then this article will not be for you. [Read more…]