Getting Realistic About Meal Frequency

Lately I’ve been getting quite fed up at the news outlets and fitness gurus who still buy into the notion that meal frequency (or the frequency of protein ingestion) is paramount for muscle gain.

While I do not discount the possibility that meal frequency may make a difference for muscle growth, misinformed people have taken it too far. [Read more…]

Why You Should Purposely Miss Meals

I can never understand it when someone tells me how disgusted they are with themselves for missing a meal.

They act as if they’ve committed some bodybuilding sin that will banish them to a lifetime of catabolism.

I guess I can’t blame them, considering I too fell for the nonsense that everyone fed me about meal frequency (pun intended). [Read more…]

New Study on Intermittent Fasting and Weight Training

Some of you may recall a recent study by Tinsley et al, which compared intermittent fasting to a regular diet when combined with resistance training.

To my annoyance, a great majority of people took the results of this study to falsely assume that IF is shit for gaining muscle, considering the IF subjects gained far less muscle than the regular eating group. [Read more…]

New Findings on Intermittent Fasting and Muscle Growth

One of the few studies available to us that analyzes IF with resistance training is this study conducted by Tinsley et al.

For a quick recap, one group was put on an IF regimen, which consisted of eating all of their calories in a 4 hour eating window, 4 days per week (on rest days).

The other 3 days per week were reserved for weight training, where the IF subjects were allowed to eat regularly. [Read more…]

Is Intermittent Fasting a Fad?

I have recently noticed many fitness gurus refer to intermittent fasting as a ‘fad’.

They claim that IF is nothing more than unrealistic hopes and expectations, with no actual validity to it. [Read more…]

Meal Frequency Revisited: Are More Meals Really Better?

Recent opinions have surfaced on the effect that meal frequency has on muscle growth.

While anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock their whole life is aware that eating the previously prescribed 6 – 8 meals a day is unnecessary, new theories are coming out which suggest something in the neighborhood of ~4 meals per day is best for muscle growth. [Read more…]

Intermittent Fasting vs. Daily Calorie Restriction: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

The other day I decided to do some research on intermittent fasting (IF) vs. daily calorie restricted diets, and their effects on fat loss.

I was eventually brought to two very interesting studies which compared both weight loss methods against each other.

Given the huge advocate of intermittent fasting that I am, I was curious to see the differences in body composition and rate of fat loss between both dietary strategies. [Read more…]

Can the Body Only Absorb 20 Grams of Protein per Meal?

Arguably the most prevalent (and tedious) myths in the fitness community is the belief that the body can only absorb around 20 grams of protein per sitting.

This has unfortunately lead to the popularity of eating small frequent feedings of protein (ie. eating 6 – 8 meals a day) to “maximize muscle growth”. [Read more…]

The REAL Anabolic Window

After staying up into the wee hours of the night doing some further research on protein supplementation (like the exciting rockstar that I am), I came to a sudden realization. [Read more…]

Can Intermittent Fasting Extend the Lifespan?

If you’re a regular to this site, you probably already know about the many health benefits that are provided through intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is incredible; not only for getting better results from training, but more importantly, for it’s numerous benefits on overall health.

This new-found research is just another example of the hundreds of peer-reviewed studies on the many benefits that intermittent fasting can give us. [Read more…]